Carl Jung's Exploration of the Unconscious Mind Essay example

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Carl Jung's Exploration of the Unconscious Mind

Carl Jung is best known for his exploration of the unconscious mind, developed through his education in Freudian theory, mythology, religion, and philosophy. Jung was born July 26, 1875 to a well-educated family in Kesswil, Switzerland. He was raised with a love for language and literature, beginning Latin lessons at the age of 6.
As a teenager, Jung led a solitary life. He did not care for school, and shied away from competition. When he went to boarding school in Basel, Switzerland, he was the victim of jealous harassment, and learned to use sickness as an excuse. He later went on to the University of Basel, intending to study archaeology, but instead decided to study medicine.
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This is signified in a person if they have dreams or visions of sexual organs. Unlike in Freudian theory, this does not represent a need for sex, rather strength and fertility. The shadow is where one’s animal instincts are hidden. Some refer to it as the “dark side” of the ego. According to Jung it is simply a place where there are no morals, good or bad, but this is where a complex may form if all bad energy is denied. A snake, dragon, or demon usually guarding the entrance to something (suggesting the collective unconscious) can represent the shadow. The image or “mask” one puts on for the public is known as the Persona archetype. According to Jung, nearly everyone had one and in some this can be mistaken for one’s true nature. Finally, the Syzygy is actually two archetypes in one. Jung believed that all human psyches are actually bisexual and that societal expectations force humans into realizing only half of their potential. The Anima represents the female instincts inside the male collective unconscious, and is usually symbolized by a young girl, witch, or earth mother, and is very emotional. The Animus represents the male instincts inside of the female collective unconscious, can be symbolized by a wise old man or a sorcerer, and is very logical, rationalistic, and can be argumentative. These two, which combine to make the Syzygy, are responsible for one’s love life (finding someone who fits one’s anima or animus). In addition to the
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