Carl Rogers and George Kelly's Views on Nature and Development

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Carl Rogers and George Kelly's Views on Nature and Development Many consider the science of psychology an attempt to create a comprehensive theory of personality and therefore be able to explain why people are alike in some ways and different in others (Jourard, 1974). In so doing, varying schools of thought have evolved. Carl Rogers and George Kelly have been deemed by peers as having similar overall views regarding personality, but practicing different methods (Pervin, 1989).Their approaches to personality can be defined as humanistic, which describes the view of accepting the 'human qualities' of the individual; that man is…show more content…
To understand the many different theories of personality you must understand that personalities are unique. Everyone has different experiences, parents, and lives. These differences cause all people to view the world differently than the person next to them. There are various thoughts of how and when personalities develop and grow. Carl Rogers and George Kelly are two theorists who have influenced the understanding of the nature and development of personality (Pervin, 1989). Carl Rogers originated client-centred therapy, which is based on the belief that individuals, rather then environment or subconscious drives, can control their choices and values and fulfil their own unique potential. Rogers' theory stresses that it is the individual's own comprehension of his or her experiences that is important, rather then the therapist's professional interpretation (Rogers, 1951). Kelly founded what is known as the personal construct system. He suggested that our personal constructs reflect our constant efforts to make sense of our world, just as scientists make sense of their subject-matter; we observe, we draw conclusions about patterns of cause and effect, and we behave according to those conclusions (Kelly, 1963). Both theories emerged at a time when psychotherapy was the most commonly practiced therapy technique. Kelly initially began his career using Freudian therapy,

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