Carl Sagan

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Mollie Lund Professor Paul DK English 101 September 26, 2014 Carl Sagan’s ability to attract many. Carl Sagan, a widely known American scientist has changed the way that many people view the universe. In the essay, Can We Know the Universe? by Carl Sagan, Sagan uses many different questions and scenarios to relate to a diverse audience. This technique makes the essay more interesting to a variety of readers rather than just a certain group of people. At the beginning of the essay the reader is likely to feel overwhelmed by the information in Sagan’s essay. As a reader of the essay “Can We Know the Universe?” I felt confused after reading the first paragraph, but I felt more comfortable reading the essay after Sagan stated “The main…show more content…
Comparing a grain of salt to the universe is risky but simple because everyone knows what a grain of salt is, which is another way that Sagan relates to a range of people. Sagan expresses that “When we think well, we feel good.” When Sagan says this he does not state that you have to be a specific person or that you have to be thinking the right thing, he is explaining that anyone who thinks, feels good. Meaning that when we find something and we stick with it we become intrigued we feel good when we begin to understand something we never truly understood. A reader could relate to this statement when they think back to their childhood. Most children believe in Santa Claus, as children grow older they begin to understand that Santa was something that they were taught to believe in, not something that is actually real. Most children hen feel like they know more than other children and they feel a sense of accomplishment. This idea expresses that even children think well and then feel good. Sagan’s ability to relate to everyone makes him more intelligent than other scientists who can only relate to other scientists and not the general public. Sagan may have a higher level of thinking than most of the general public but this does not restrict him from
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