Carl Sandburg : America 's Poet

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Carl Sandburg: America’s Poet
Carl Sandburg is renowned as one of the outstanding and innovative American poets of the twentieth century. Sandburg used his poetry to explicate to the public how life is, can, and could be. “He published many works including: Chicago, The Harbor, Picnic Boat, Gone, They will say, and countless more” (Meltzer 13). Carl Sandburg is widely renowned today for all his accomplishments and works during his lifetime. Few poets could match his skills as a writer and what he was able to accomplish, such as earning the Pulitzer Prize for his collection, The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg, and the Grammy Award for his recording of Aaron Copeland’s Lincoln Portrait with the New York Philharmanic.“Today, Sandburg’s legacy carries on from the books that he had written, to all the schools that were named after him, thus is regarded as one of America’s top poets” (Meltzer 20).
On January 6, 1878, Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg, Illinois. He was born to August and Clara Sandburg, who were Swedish immigrants (Academy of American Poets). At the age of thirteen, he had to leave school in order to raise money for his family, who were extremely poor. With no education, Sandburg served in the military located in Puerto Rico at the age of eighteen (Academy of American Poets). During his service, he met a former student from Lombard College, who convinced him to enroll in the college after his return from the Spanish American War. By taking this opportunity,…
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