Carl Sandburg Research Paper

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Carl Sandburg was a famous American writer. His first piece was written in 1916. After that he wrote about 48 more pieces. Most of them were based on other writers that he had heard of. He wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Carl liked to write a lot about nature and the things he saw happening around him. He also wrote a lot of series of poems and books. Although Carl Sandburg went through many challenges in life, he still managed to write poetry for us all to enjoy. Carl Sandburg was inspired by many different people and things. He wrote a lot about ordinary things and people that he saw around him. But, the other portion of his writing is inspired by Walt Whitman. Even though Walt was a lot older than Carl, Carl looked to him as a role model. Walt was just like Carl in many ways. He did the same things growing up as Carl…show more content…
He loved to write about ordinary people and things he saw around him. He wrote a lot about nature and the way things formed in his mind. He had a very truthful tone, he wrote exactly what he saw. Carl tended to make all of his poems into something that we could take throughout our life. They all have some type of background we could use in the future. When Carl wasn’t focused about the things going on around him he tended to write a lot of free verse. He liked to express his opinion and his personality in his writing. In the poem The Harbor Carl Sandburg is writing about all of the hungry women he sees as he's walking to the harbor. He says that as he’s walking he doesn’t know what to do when he’s walking past, but he just keeps going. Once he reaches the harbor he realizes that he should've stopped and did something. This means that instead of to just keep going in life we should stop sometimes and slow things down and see how everyone is doing. We should always pay attention to what is right in front of us instead of looking right past of something that could be
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