Carla And Kent Acceptance Of Transformative Mediation

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Carla and Kent acceptance of Transformative Mediation In the case of the Suburban General Hospital, consultants, Carla who manages emergency shelters and clinics and Kent a technology consultant are in conflict over the new patient billing software that Kent developed and wants implemented in the hospital’s clinics and doctor’s offices, for he feels the software is ready and will be widely accepted by the physicians. Carla on the other hand, wants the implementation of the software delayed, for she believes that it needs improvement and more input from additional users before it can effectively work in the other medical offices. The conflict is now at a standoff, with no signs of resolution. Bush and Folger 's theory of transformative mediation in their book THE PROMISE OF MEDIATION: The Transformative Approach to Conflict in 2005 describes a unique approach to conflict intervention. According to transformative theory, parties are seeking an efficient way to agree on specific issues, and to change and transform from a destructive conflict interaction into a more positive one. Folger and Bush (2005), believes that transformative mediation is ultimately flexible and suited to all types of disputes. This paper analyzes the transformative model of mediation and recommends this as beneficial for Carla and Kent resolution. Background Information As summarized by Zumeta (n.d), transformative mediation is based on the empowerment of each individual, and recognition of the
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