Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Essay

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Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic is a series of survivalist novels by American author JT Sawyer, real name Tony Nester. The Carlie Simmons novels combine the elements of adventure, post-apocalyptic, and crime thriller in following the life and times of Carlie Simmons, and her team of agents fighting for survival in an unforgiving world. JT Sawyer first published novel in the series was the 2014 published book Until Morning Comes that introduced the lead protagonist secret service agent Carlie Simmons. After the publication of the novel, it fast became a fan favorite and spawned several new novels in the series four of which were written in 2015 alone. With JT Sawyer one of the leading survivalist experts in the world, the novels are inspired…show more content…
She is the only female agent in the mostly male secret service that has been waiting to get a long overdue promotion, being one of the best agents in her detail. When we are first introduced to Carlie, she is your normal but competent woman who has the toughest job in the world – protecting Eliza, the First Daughter. What makes it worse is that she has not been able to get along with the teenage girl who sees her as being too overbearing. Her greatest desire is to show that she is fit to lead the team by being the best at everything required of her. She is having a very bad day as she has been implicated in a career ending investigation that she had nothing to do with. That is the least of her problems as news filtering in tell of a zombie invasion that is about to hit the city. As much as she just wants to do her job, she always finds it hard to do so as the DOD simply will not leave her alone. Over the course of the series, Carlie together with her sidekick Shane and her eclectic team fight a well-oiled zombie machine that just will not be crushed. Taking her small band of warriors, she needs to not only keep the president’s daughter safe but also find an antidote to the zombie menace, which grows and mutates throughout the…show more content…
Carlie Simmons is a secret service agent whose day has just taken a turn for the worse after she is informed that she is under investigation in a case that she had nothing to do with. Carlie is the duty officer charged with leading a team that is protecting Eliza, the president’s daughter when a zombie apocalypse suddenly makes an entrance. With Eliza at school at the University of Arizona campus, it is a race against time to retrieve her before the zombies. As they reach the building she is supposedly in, they find that the area is crawling with zombies. These are not your usual mindless zombies as they are strategic in their thinking, going from building to building tracking down, finding, and killing any humans they find. If Carlie and her small team of survivors are to get out alive, she needs to dig deep and put into action all her survival training against the zombies. But she is now faced with a moral dilemma, even as she is charged with protecting the first daughter, should she leave the other people in the city to face the flesh eating mutants when she could
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