Carlos Burle and the Super Wave

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While the majority of Portuguese locals at St Jules stayed indoors avoiding the harsh elements of the storm, Carlos Burle, renowned Brazilian surfer tested the dangers of the storm through surfing tidal waves. Carlos, a very daring, well known surfer with his own Brazilian reality TV show based on himself and his team’s surfing lifestyle, is best known for testing limits, pushing boundaries and achieving adventurous, thrill seeking victory. Burle smashed world records displaying the importance of passion and a drive to live on the edge, in becoming a champion surfer. Although many debate over how tall the wave actually was , meteorologist Anna Fergo who was filming and taking records at the time, estimates that the wave could very likely be 100ft due to the low pressure system from the storm which included extremely strong winds at dangerously high speeds. Local resident, Abilio roditi was jogging during the strong surf and explains, “I was jogging along the beach when recognized these screams I was shocked and confused about these screams. I could not tell the difference between the screams, one one hand they sounded like a victory full of joy and adrenalin as you hear when people jump off planes, whilst on the other hand, the screams sounded like screams of fear and danger. I was later relieved when I quickly caught a glimpse of a surfer falling down a title wave. So much had happened in such little time , it was a life changing experience.” Abiolio’s comment

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