Carlsberg Tango, The Launch

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Carlsberg Tango, “The Launch” 1.0 Executive summary. Over the last few years, there has been growth of popularity in flavored lager beers. Our competitors may be trying to take this advantage so it’s our obligation that we lay strategies to launch our new flavored lager beer. Carlsberg Tango is a new brand that uses sweet Spanish oranges as its flavor. It has lower alcohol content than our previous brands, it’s perceived to be healthy and our target audience is the young professionals between the ages 20-25 years old. The success of Carlsberg Citrus, launched in 2013 should be our role model for the launch of Carlsberg Tango. This study analyses two competitors, their positioning, creative strategies and illustrates the benefits…show more content…
Beer is a major product and a major tax contributor in UK. There are now over 1,100 breweries in UK. Beer and pubs contribute GBP22bn to UK GDP and generate GBP11bn in tax revenue. Beer production and sale in UK creates jobs in agriculture, brewing, pubs and wider supply chain. It’s estimated that the beer and pub sector supports over 900,000 jobs with majority of the workers being female. The government has started campaigning for a freeze in beer duty regime to encourage lower strength alcohol. The government has continued to rebalance the duty system to encourage people towards lower-strength in alcohol and it’s doing that through taxation. This is a stage where a company studies it’s internal and external factors to answer the question, “where are we now”. So in this chapter Carlsberg identifies it’s strength and weakness and relates it to the external opportunities and threats. Through this, Carlsberg management will know how to balance the marketing mix based on the known facts. The internal factors usually base on the size, location of the organization and potential usage of the product while the external factors include consumer segmentation where an organization emphasizes on buyer’s life style (Brassington & Pettitt 2006). Carlsberg Tango a new brand from Carlsberg is estimated to be worth GBP115m in United Kingdom. Basing on consumer demand, it’s projected to grow across both pub and retail channels as the main routes to customers. Carlsberg was first
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