Carlson 's Book Zeroes On The Limitations Of Carrying Guns

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Carlson’s book zeroes in on the limitations of carrying guns, while distinguishing between criminals and gun carriers. Regardless if you are pulled over for speeding, or gunned down for committing an armed robbery, you pick and choose your battles. The answer to if you are innocent or not innocent is embedded in law, but the answer to whether or not your actions are morally acceptable, remains subjective. Carlson effectively outlines the real reasons individuals choose to carry a gun. It is noteworthy that she does not include the opinions of police officers in her text. Rather, she focuses on the individuals who are targeted. She open fires at her readers, with facts which are totally different than what the media tends to show. The author states, “Embracing a model of citizenship that I call the ‘citizen-protector,’ gun carriers use firearms to actively assert their authority and relevance by embracing the duty to protect themselves and police others” (Carlson 2015: location 274). With the violence and wrongdoing that happens in today’s society, carrying a gun seems justifiable. One may deduce that gun carriers are innocent beings solely seeking the right to develop and maintain their own personal security. After reading the text, I will begin to try and see what the media does not show and also understand the rationale for why individuals may choose to fire a gun. The tunnel vision that police officers tend to have has corrupted gun culture and thus, has become a

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