Carnatic Music Theory I

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Download: Music Theory Year I - Carnatic Music 2009 Sri Bhakta Ramadasa Government College of Music & Dance Secunderabad Technical Terms Sangeetham is an Indian term for Music. A group of musical sounds, which are called swaras that give melody and pleasant feelings to the ears, is called Sangeetham. Ancient writers hold the view that vocal music, instrumental music and dance together constituted sangeetham. Later, dance was separated from the first two. Shruthi is an audible sound which can be heard distinctly. It is a musical sound which a well trained human ear is capable of distinguishing. It is the Key note or Adhara Shadjam, based on which all other…show more content…
Ex: 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. Trisra Jaati Rupaka Thalam Chaturasra Jaati Rupaka Thalam Kanda Jaati Rupaka Thalam Misra Jaati Rupaka Thalam Sankeerna Jaati Rupaka Thalam OI3 OI5 OI7 OI9 OI4 In a similar manner Seven Thalas of 5 Jaati each yield 7x5=35 Thalas. Note: If more than one laghu is present in the thala, all the laghus have the same jaati. 4 Thala Symbol Trisram Chaturasra m Jaati Kandam Misram Sankeerana m Druva Matya Rupaka Jampa Triputa Ata Eka IOII IOI OI IUO IOO IIOO I 11 8 5 6 7 10 3 14 10 6 7 8 12 4 17 12 7 8 9 14 5 24 16 9 10 11 18 7 29 20 11 12 13 22 9 Table of 35 Thalas with their respective Akshara Kalas Lakshana of Sanchari Geetha Geetha generally means a song. The union of Dhatu and Matu is known as Geetha, ie., the union of music and words (swara and sahitya) is said by the learned to constitute a geetha. Geethas are the simplest of melodies. The term geetha literally means a song. But in music it signifies a particular type of composition. The music of the geetha is simple melodic extension of the raga in which it is composed. Its tempo is uniform. It is a continuous composition without the sections pallavi, anupallavi and charanam. The geetha is sung without repetition from the beginning to end. Some geethas have two sections (Khandikas) and some have three. Some geethas are concluded by repeating a

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