Carnival Cruise Industry

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Introduction The cruise-line industry has changed drastically over the past several years. What was once thought of as a luxury to most people, is now affordable and convenient. The industry now focuses on targeting the working middle class, as well as the upper class. One cruise-line in particular, Carnival, has mastered the informal cruise for the mass market. Carnival offers numerous cruises that are inexpensive and exciting. Nevertheless, Carnival operates internationally with shipyards and ports all over the world. Being an international business, Carnival is affected by many global forces, both controllable and uncontrollable. In order to maintain the corporation’s success, Carnival must be aware of all global forces while…show more content…
Carnival also minimizes staffing costs by sourcing employees on a global basis. The employees are a key element to ensuring excellent customer service on the boats, therefore, customers will return satisfied. International Differences A few international differences affect the operations of cruise lines. Differences include political/legal, geographic, economic, or sociocultural. Since cruise lines are an international business, they are affected by these differences. Many cruise lines choose to flag their vessels in countries that have “lower taxes and less stringent employment practices required by the laws of those countries” (The Cruise). However, some governments may choose to subsidize the ship industry in order to secure contracts for their domestic firms. Many ships are built in order to be appealing to the eye, but with cruise ships going to so many different places, they have to be designed not only to accommodate the economic reality of the mass market, but also the cultural preferences of the clientele. Carnival designed seasonal cruises that sail to different destinations. The themes chosen are based on the locations the ship will be travelling to. Also, buffet options are available in order to provide a variety of food options for the customers and avoid cultural preferences. International Sales Effective marketing is crucial when selling cruises internationally. The majority of customers who board of a cruise ship are men and women from 18-50
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