Carnival Cruise Line Vs. Royal Caribbean International

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There are big decisions to be made when deciding what cruise line to take on a vacation. Some choose the Carnival Cruise Line and others choose the Royal Caribbean International. There are many differences that set these two cruise lines aside from each other, as well as many similarities. Basic information, such as the amount of ships, ages of the ships, and size of ships are very similar with the Carnival and Royal Caribbean lines. The Carnival Cruise Line has 25 ships total dating back to 26 years ago, whereas the Royal Caribbean International has 25 ships total dating back to 24 years ago. The oldest ship from the Carnival company is the Carnival Fantasy. The oldest ship from the Royal Caribbean company is the Majesty of the Seas. Another fact is that the smallest ship, from each company, can hold around the same amount of passengers. Carnival’s Fantasy Class can hold up to 2052 passengers, while Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas can hold up to 1832 passengers. The two cruise lines also visit…show more content…
On the Royal Caribbean International ships, there will always be two or more pools, whereas on the Carnival Cruise Line, there will always be at least one pool. The Carnival line also has water slides on more than half of the cruises. The Royal Caribbean however, will be adding water slides to all of the cruises within the fleet. An upside to the Carnival Cruise Line is that they have a partnership with Guy Fieri, which led to there being nine Guy’s Burger Joint’s within the fleet. An upside to the Royal Caribbean International is that they have rock climbing walls on every ship, it is basically their signature object. Not only that, but they also have two ships with indoor skydiving and three with ziplining. The Carnival fleet has four ships with rope courses and features SkyRide, an aerial bike ride where riders race each other on hanging recumbent bikes around an 800-foot suspended
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