Carnival Cruise Strategic Alternatives/Recommendations

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I. Strategic Recommendations A. Pause Strategy (CI#1, 2, 3): Carnival Corp has been known for health and safety records, a key component in consumer decision-making in the cruise industry. In order to begin improvements, a pause strategy needs to be utilized to allow the company to take a step back from aggressive growth and focus more towards consumer necessities. Many complaints stem from issues like sanitization of rooms, quality of food, and ship malfunctions. Keying in on ship maintenance, restoration, and efficiency will significantly decrease the chance of malfunctions. While implementing more stringent and attentive guidelines towards guest amenities and conditions of food storage/quality to help increase consumer appeal.…show more content…
Recommendation: Pause Strategy followed by a Marketing Strategy
A pause strategy is the best initial course of action for Carnival Corporation to improve on its health standards, overall safety and public relations. This allows the corporation to consolidate its resources to take more precise action towards its critical issues. Taking a pause strategy approach the corporation can put its growth strategy on temporary hold, keying in on improving ship infrastructure and implementing better safety features. Carnival can begin by issuing more frequent maintenance and upkeep of ships, improving the diligence of sanitization of surfaces, and executing better care and handling of perishables. This strategy gives Carnival Corporation the opportunity to show progressive action towards improving overall customer health and safety. Carnival can then utilize this to apply a marketing strategy showcasing its efforts to continually keep customer wellbeing at its
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