Carol Fashion Designs, Handed Down By Many Generations

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Carol’s fashion designs, handed down by many generations, it offers popular brands of clothing, this store is affiliated with many well known designers, it is also associated with national and local facilities, stores. This store is located with a stretch of other stores, our main store is located in Chicago, Illinois on the North Side. Our product plan, our store are not as expensive as most stores, we cater to the middle class and the poor, also upper class shopping, we have something for everyone. There are many have discount sales, everyday, our slogan is if it is not here you cannot find it anywhere. We have many employees working for us, there are tailors, Seamstress, cashiers, Security personnel that cater to the public, they…show more content…
It would also ensure that the products are user friendly and will satisfy the consumers’ needs. The company will ensure the products are available, at affordable prices, and maintenance costs are down. The company would use psychographic and demographic strategies to fulfill this. We have many values that start with certain objectives, it start with goals, there are many long termed and short plans for this store, this all depends of the aspiration of the store. There is a necessity to to achieve out goals, there are many routes the store is taking to achieve the goal of being world wide (Plunkett, Allen & Attner, 2013). There are many goal set for putting my families legacy all over the world” different types of goals which involve the establishment of a specific, time frame and measurable objectives. The theory in the goal setting must have an effective capability, or tools, which enables all participants to be aware of the objectives, and enables them to achieve the set goals, either financial, or career objectives Plunkett, W. R., Allen, G. S., & Attner, R.F (2013). The
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