Carol Gilligan Ethic Of Caring Summary

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1. Evaluate Carol Gilligan’s ethic of caring, how does it relate to virtue theory? Carol Gilligan ethics of caring is relate to the virtue theory because both focuses on the compassion to each other. Gilliam believes that women, “Sensitivity to the needs of others and the assumption of responsibility for taking care… “ (Rosenstand, 649), is what lead women to feel compassion of others regardless of who the person is. That is exactly what virtue theory is about, “Whatever we do is included in our general standard of virtue” (Rosenstand, 481). In other words, the women’s compassion for helping others is rooted in their moral concerns. 2. Evaluate Gilligan's statement that “Women’s deference is rooted not only in their social subordination but also in the substance of their moral concern. Sensitivity to the needs of others and the assumptions of the responsibility for taking care lead women to attend to voices other than their own and to include in their judgment other points of view. How do you think Levinas (Chapter 10) would comment on that statement? What do you think Christina Hoff Sommers might say? What is your opinion? In this statement, the author Gillian believes that women’s moral development is more established by compassion than by justice, due to the role of responsibility of taking care that society has placed on them. Women has always been seen responsible for “nurturer, caretaker, and helpmate” (Rosenstand, 649), developing a strong sense of care of

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