Caroline Herschel Research Paper

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Caroline Herschel
In this essay, we will discuss Caroline Herschel’s life and achievements. Herschel was an amazing woman, not least because of the period in which she worked. Her achievements were many, but we will focus on the difficulties she faced in making them. Advancements in both science and feminism were made due to Herschel. She was also a skilled mathematician. She certainly deserves to be recognized. First, we will discuss the beginning of Herschel’s life. She was born on March 17, 1750 in Hanover, Germany. Her father Isaac was an excellent musician who encouraged all five of his sons and his only daughter to be educated in French, music, and mathematics. However, Herschel’s
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Her first discoveries were those of nebulae. In early 1783, Herschel discovered the Andromeda and Cetus nebulae. By the end of the year, she had discovered fourteen other nebulae. She catalogued and published all of her findings. On August 1, 1786, she discovered a comet in the night sky. This made her the first woman to ever discover a comet. She informed other scientists of her discovery so they could study it. Now her own skills as an astronomer were finally recognized. King George III employed her as her brother’s assistant, for which she was given a decent salary. This made her the first woman to be paid for scientific services. She discovered seven other comets throughout the next ten years. This was a considerable achievement in this time by any scientist, but it is especially appreciable given the fact that she was a woman and wasn’t given the same opportunities that men were. For all these achievements, she was made an honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Irish Academy. She also received the Gold Medal of Science from the King of Prussia, one of Germany’s highest awards. She was highly esteemed as one of the first women of
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