Caroline Le Bon 's Fashion Marketing Essay

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Caroline Le Bon’s Fashion Marketing and Harriet Posner’s Marketing Fashion, defines fashion marketing and its elements. Fashion marketing and advertising is the process of analyzing, developing and marketing current fashion trends to satisfy consumer needs. Both or the readings discuss the role of marketing in the fashion industry and its differences to marketing other products. Fashion products are often trended items, temporary items based on design color, fabric and pattern. Le Bon and Posner elaborate the differences in advertising fashion products and advertising classical items. The contemporary fashion industry has confronted many changes because of globalization, the development of new distributions channels, ethical considerations and price sensitivity. Fashion managers must learn about, anticipate and understand the behaviors of their consumers using marketing tools in order to help them react, adjust or revise their attractive fashion products so that they can encourage and stimulate consumers’ desires and improve financial performance. (Le Bon, xvi) Both readings discuss how critical it is for fashion brands to develop a strategic marketing plan and effectively implement it. Caroline Le Bon’s thesis is to discuss the importance of the fashion industry and fashion’s diffusion process along several trends and products each season. She highlights the influences and different elements of a fashion marketing mix. Harriet Posner’s thesis is explain theoretical concepts

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