Carol's 24-Hour Dietary Recall

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Carol's 24-Hour Dietary Recall

Carol’s Meals and Snack for the day
Number of Servings Grain Products Vegetables & Fruit Milk
Products Meat & Alternatives Other
2 cups Rice Crispies Cereal (120g) 4
½ cup 2% milk (125ml) 1/2
2 cups coffee: (500ml) *
:with 2 tbsp. cream tr.
Croissant : 1
:With raisins tr.
:with butter *
Apple 1
‘Meat & Cheese Lovers’ lasagna:
With mozza cheese 2
With Regular Ground Beef 2
With Tomato Sauce 1
With Regular Noodles 2
Garlic Toast: 2
With Garlic *
Coke (355ml) *
Warm sticky Cinnamon Bun: 1
With syrup sauce *
With regular margarine *
2 cups
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This is about the only Directive Statement that Carol’s food choices reflected.

The second directive statement says that you should choose lower fat foods more often. Carol’s diet included a variety of high fat foods. The only foods or drinks that Carol ate that were considered “lower-fat” was the 2% milk at Breakfast, 1 apple as a Snack and 1 cup of corn for Supper. The other foods that Carol ate would have been low fat if they were prepared differently, the fish sticks could have been eliminated and salmon used instead.

The third directive statement refers to Grain Products and how people should choose whole grains and enriched products more often. Carol’s choice for grain products did not reflect this statement at all! She chose a raisin croissant and a warm, stick cinnamon bun, both of which are high fat and not whole grained and a warm, stick cinnamon bun, both of which are high fat and not whole grained. These two foods appear higher up on the arc of the rainbow and the good-for-you Grain Products appear on the lower end of the arc. Carol also had Rice Krispies cereal for Breakfast. This appears mid-way on the rainbow arc. Had Carol eaten whole grain products, she would have consumed dietary fibre, which therefore would decrease the intestinal transit time.

“Choose dark green and orange vegetables and orange fruit more often” is the fourth directive statement. Carol’s vegetables and fruit choices were relatively poor.
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