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Batangas State University College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts and Computing Sciences Civil Engineering Department CARP vs. CARPER Which is Better? Submitted By: Briñosa, Hennah Angelique G. Macatangay, Maricar CE 3102 Submitted To: Mr. Zoilo Instructor October 11, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Issues / Problems Objective of the Study Content: A. Definition B. Comparison a. CARPER better than CARP b. CARPER worse than CARP C. Researchers’ Insight Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography INTRODUCTION The Philippine lands are usually used for agrarian purposes. Being a tropical country, it is expected that the weather and nutritious soil are designed as if to grow crops for bountiful meals alone. The Filipinos are…show more content…
The agrarian system in Philippines followed a feudalistic approach. The implementation of Agrarian reforms proceeded at a very slow pace. This was due to the lack of political will. The redistribution of land was also very slow. As a consequence, a large amount of agrarian land in Philippines was converted to industrial land ( Even though CARP is designed to enhance the agrarian industry, there are some reactions from farmers, organizations, and even students who noticed the drawbacks of the mentioned program. According to Pambansang Kilusan ng Mga Samahang Magsasaka (PAKISAMA), Inc., “exemptions were made to large commercial farms, lands that were converted to other uses, and worse of all, provisions were made for non-redistributive methods such as leaseback arrangements and stock distribution options. It was a testament to the longevity of the same traditional interests that were able to e-assert not just a presence but an influence that was so palpable after the EDSA revolution. Still CARP was a departure from previous agrarian reform programs in that 1. All agricultural lands are covered, 2. it includes a program of support for program beneficiaries, 3. Retention limits for landowners were reduced to five hectares, 4. Provides provisions for landowner compensation and, 5.

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