Carpet Bombing: Ghana Thinktank

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I would categorize his work as "dedicated, obsessive and conceptual."

His work was extremely interesting to me, and what captured me the most was ( It reminded me of the the Ghana ThinkTank ( and I wondered if it inspired his work. I loved how he talks about his project and how it connects from one project to another. For example, when he showed The "Pulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen"(, I was blown away because I always had a love for bouncy houses but I did not know that one can just make one themselves or have someone make it. I thought it was unique in the sense that his work is inviting and interactive as a piece, which makes it successful
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I find it insane on how it inspired his in search of the truth. What I wanted to know more about was "Carpet Bombing" ( and when Jim went to Afghanistan to get a replica of Ed Ruscha's LACMA on Fire
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