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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
1. Company Overview 4
2. Marketing 5
2.1 Introduction 5
2.2 Strategic Business Units in Carphone Warehouse 5
2.3 SBUs and Their Orientation 5
2.4 SBUs and the BCG Model 6
2.4.1 BCG Model’s Recommendations 7
2.4.2 Product life cycle of the ‘cash cow’ and the ‘question mark’ 7
2.5 PEST Analysis 8
2.6 Carphone Warehouse SBUs and “Five Forces” 8
2.6.1 Industry Competitors 8
2.6.2 Substitutes 9
2.6.3 New Entrants 9
2.6.4 Buyers (Customers) 9
2.6.5 Suppliers 9
2.7 Current Strategies 10
2.8 Recommendations 11
2.8.1 Short-term Recommendations 12
2.8.2 Telecoms Marketing Mix In The Short-Term 12
2.8.3 Long-term Recommendations 13
2.8.4 Sell Distribution (retail business)
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Our main recommendations for future strategies will be drawn from the analysis of CPW’s internal and external environments.

In the 21st century, a typical corporation consists of a number of strategic business units (SBUs) that all operate under the same roof but which often employ different growth strategies. Having a number of SBUs allows corporations to diversify and grow their company without compromising on quality of products or services they offer. Each SBU then gains a particular focus and requires a unique marketing strategy that would support its strategic objectives.

2.2 Strategic Business Units in Carphone Warehouse

Distribution Business Unit consists of mobile phone retail sales and online sales, insurance options and service revenues. Retail is the main business within this division. All other streams either originate from retail or are designed to support its growth.

Telecoms Business Unit comprises of fixed line and broadband services (AOL, TalkTalk, Opal) as well as mobile business, which includes virtual networks (MVNO) such as Fresh and others and the German service provision, The Phone House. The common factor for the numerous subsidiaries is the ‘service provision’ in mobile, fixed-line and broadband markets.

2.3 SBUs and Their Orientation

In today’s competitive market conditions, most companies tend to adopt several orientations

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