Carrefour Is A French Based Retail Store Essay

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Carrefour is a French based retail store whose ranking in 2008 was number two behind that of Walmart. It had a very strong European market with strong global recognition and impact and had strong profitable growth. In its acquisition in the global market it decided to expand its retail market in Russia. Carrefour was considered a hypermarket because of its offer of 80,000 products and its occupying anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 square foot. Carrefour was founded in 1960 and was a store the provided a variety of goods and services. It provided self-service grocery stores, clothing, sporting goods, electronic goods and auto accessories. In 1963 Carrefour was branded as a Hypermarket due to its huge size and by 1966 Carrefour opens a10,000 square feet store in Lyons France and a 20,000 square foot in Vitrolles. Soon after, the company began to expand into the global market with its first store in Belgium and by 1970 Carrefour stock was listed on the Paris stock exchange. In 1975 Carrefour open its first store outside of Europe in Brazil and within 10 years they were now operating in 10 countries. In 1988 Carrefour entered the US market opening a store in Philadelphia and by 1992 Carrefour reported worldwide sales of €17.86 billion and a net income of €271 million. In 1996 Carrefour open 30 more stores across the world and by 1997 they also expanded their store to 15 stores in south America. Carrefour would become the second largest retailer in 2008 operating 15, 430
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