Carrefour's Strategic Marketing Strategy

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Introduction Carrefour management team expressed their interest in entering into Russia’s retail markets. Carrefour entry into Russia market in 2009 had a short span of four months before Carrefour decided to pull out of the country. By conducting a SWOT analysis, defining the corporate global strategy, application to course work, case questions, and recommendations of Carrefour entry into Russia. It will make it possible to identify key components that lead to the failure of Carrefour in Russia’s. SWOT Analysis Strength Carrefour’s global presence gave the company experience in enter new markets. Carrefour store formats gave them the ability to engage in all levels of retail ranging from large Hypermarkets to small cash and carry food stores (Deresky, 2014, pc3-19). Carrefour’s size and profits, gave them the ability to enter new markets through the acquisition of firms in the target regions. Carrefour also invested in pre-entry offices and studies to determine risk factors of going into a new country. Carrefour global strategy mixture of short and medium term success also help the company gain a competitive advantage in the market by establishing the company as a top player. Weakness Carrefour market value between 2007 and 2009 reduced by thirty percent, causing key investors to question global expansion and request the company to focus on the primary markets and pull out of emerging markets (Deresky, 2014, pc3-25). In 2005 Carrefour pulled out of five countries with

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