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| The strategy of Carrefour | | | Summary I- Introduction 3 I- Historic 4 II- Characteristics of supermarket distribution 5 a) Porter’s five 5 b) PESTEL 7 c) SWOT 9 III- Strategies in France 10 IV- International strategy of Carrefour 11 V- The new markets and the future 12 VI- Suggested strategies 13 VII- Conclusion 14 VIII- Bibliography 15 I- Introduction Carrefour was the first supermarket created in France and also in the world. For more than 50 years in the French landscape, it belongs to our everyday life. Since several years, we can notice than Carrefour has a real strategy of expansion, in buying other retail’s brand. What is the current and future strategy of Carrefour in France and in…show more content…
In the small towns, they are laws to restrict the implementation for the big supermarkets. The big problem with this kind of laws is that it is restricting the access for certain big brand to get in a town which is limiting the competition. The few stores already implemented can have high prices without being threatened by new entrants. * Sanitary rules (European laws): Sanitary rules are European laws. They are mainly about the products and how they are conserved: you can have problems about pre-emption dates for example and alimentation product can be potentially dangerous when they are not destroyed after this date. With problems like managing the mad cow disease, sanitary rules are more drastic in order to keep the consumer safe and confident in the Carrefour products. * Economic: * Decrease of people spendings. In Europe, between the 60’s and today, people are spending around 50% less for alimentation products. That is why, big retail store companies like Carrefour need to develop their strategy on the foreign markets and continue its advertisement on local market. * Social: * High unemployment rate As we know the unemployment rate is increasing with the economy crisis. * It’s expensive to hire someone in France because of the costs and taxes. * Technology. * The use of technology is developing in the companies. * E-commerce is becoming the new emerging market. * Ecology

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