Carrie White Compare And Contrast

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Contrasting the house De Palma made into an uncanny character of its own, this house is nice-looking and spacious; its yard and street are fertile and well-maintained; the walls appear freshly painted and light-colored; the furniture is pleasingly organized and equipped for company; and condemnatory male religious icons don’t border the female residents and shimmer down at them as they did in the previous version. Although some of the events that take place in the household are far from normal, the film gives no indication that Carrie is not in a healthy environment. By highlighting the normality of Carrie’s living conditions the director removes the focus off of the mother-daughter relations.
In the original version, there was a sense of self-hatred, but in the latest version, that self-hatred is magnified. Margaret White’s self-harm in the original version seemed like a ploy to increase the fear of her daughter. However, in Pierce’s version anytime she is on screen in the new edition it raises
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The original version did a perfect job of making Carrie White look weak, but in the latest version, she appears the opposite. Her being weak in the beginning made the audience feel more sympathetic to her situation at home. Margaret White in the newer version seemed to be the weakest character in the film, and thirty minutes into the film Carrie White is already sassing back to her mother. Also, Carrie White disregards her curfew while she was out looking for dresses in the film leaving her mother worried sick. Her actions in the film don’t seem like an adolescent that is afraid of her mother. Rarely are there scenes in Pierce’s film where Carrie shrinks at the sound of her mother raising her voice and abusing her. In this film, it seems as if Carrie is controlling her mother. Again, the director wants to remove the aspect of her mother being a bully at home to focus on the bullies at
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