Carroll's Interpretation of Corporate Social Responsibility

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This report will demonstrate how Carroll’s interpretation of corporate social Responsibility (CSR) is more suited to an Anglo-American interpretation of CSR compared to that of a Nigerian perspective as it is difficult to apply the ideas in the African context due to the country being less stable than the western world that we know. To demonstrate this I will look at the Shell case study in Nigeria and how “culture may have an important influence on CSR priorities” (Burton et al, 2000). In March 2007 a British national was kidnapped from an oil rig in Nigeria emphasising the issues that large corporations face in foreign countries. To meet the expectation of “true corporate social responsibility it is expected that all four levels are met …show more content…
This also shows that Carroll’s pyramid is floored with regards to African countries such as Nigeria due to the way they still perceive the law and ethical regimes. ‘The legal responsibilities of business refer to the positive and negative obligations put on businesses by the laws and regulations of the society where it operates’. (Carroll 2010)

The ethical responsibility is at the top of the pyramid mainly due to it having the least affect upon the implementation of CSR in the African region, it ‘embodies the standards, norms, or expectations that reflect a concern for what consumers, employees, shareholders and the community regard as fair, or in keeping with the respect or protection of stakeholders moral right’ (Carroll 1991, p41). There still remains a divide that is hard to breach for the likes of Shell due to the way in which corruption still remains rife, meaning they are seen by locals to be doing the wrong thing, Shell pays the Nigerian government a 13% royalty (Coble, B 2007) on the oil but due to political system being widely corrupt very little of that money actually reaches the locals that need it.

As this report has shown Carroll’s model is both a useful and durable model for defining CSR, but in the case
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