Cars: Electric, Gasoline, and Diesel

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Ever since the first major car production, we have always wanted better. The research shows that many people are leaning away from direct speed and more towards hybrids, electric, and diesel for the fuel costs and MPG. For the people who stick with gasoline , they tend to add modifications for MPG and horsepower. Those that drive diesel can also add some of the same type of mods. The other mods many people may hear of, are probably for body. Those technically can be used for performance but engine mods are more helpful to that matter. Turbochargers are the most common for the fact that they only rely on the exhaust stream to power them. There is some downsides, they have a thing called “turbo lag”. A turbocharger needs to get up to higher RPM for it to work. There is a few ways to fix that though, the most common is a twin turbo. It needs less RPM to get up to speed and in turn gets the RPM higher quicker than lets the larger turbocharger do its job. Another problem is that it has to have a modded exhaust stream. It has to be able to run the exhaust through the turbo and power the ceramic turbine, thus creating more horsepower. Superchargers are the things you normally see on american muscle. If you see a muscle car with a vent in the hood, it may have a supercharger inside. the supercharger needs a belt connecting to the engine to power it. The biggest debate on them is that, they draw power from the engine to make power. They do however make more than they take. The
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