Cars : The Car Safety

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There have been a tremendous amount of car accidents which occur in the United States, these accidents may result in injuries and sometimes serious enough that the people aren’t walking away from them, auto makers are doing enough to increase safety for the future of cars.
The automotive industry is constantly growing and auto users will always need to be protected. Car safety is one of those things that is always in need of an upgrade no matter what. As many people are under the impression that autonomous cars are unsafe although these cars may not be driven by a person these cars alleviate the problem with human error. As these autonomous cars don’t accumulate many miles, the research that has been done towards these cars shows promising data. Self-driving cars also known as autonomous cars are being developed by top of the line auto and technological industries such as Google, Delphi, Audi, Tesla, Honda and BMW. Since 2012 cars tested by Google, Delphi and Audi had 11 accidents while driving over a million miles on public roads. While this may be a lot for these cars to have this is wrong because eight of the eleven car accidents were stopped or going less than 5 mph, and then proceeded to be hit by another vehicle. This is due to human error not one of these autonomous vehicles. Google has had zero collisions in 1.2 million miles driven by these vehicles since 2009. The human eye will always miss something that technology can see. The technology being put into…

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