Cars as a Symbol in The Great Gatsby Essay

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Cars as a Symbol in The Great Gatsby Cars play a very important part in the telling of The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is a very dark, unhappy book, and the cars really exemplify this. "…cars change their meaning and become a symbol of death" (Dexheimer). Cars also give the reader insight into some of the different characters in the book. One of the most important jobs of cars in this book is to foreshadow upcoming events. Throughout the book, there are many devastating and dark events that these cars represent. A line from the book that really drives this home is, "So we drove on toward death through the cooling twilight" (Fitzgerald 143). Fitzgerald deliberately chose to put the words drove, implying cars, and…show more content…
The only other color of cars described in the valley of ashes is gray (Fitzgerald 27). This is a very ominous place and with the hearse and black limousine written in, the reader gets the feeling that this will be the setting for a very dreadful incident. Another indicator of the doom to befall the characters in the book is the lost wheel, which comes up a couple of times. The first time this happens is after one of Gatsby's parties. A drunken partygoer runs off of the road and breaks off his wheel. This partygoer is so out of it, that he doesn't even realize what has happened. The same can be said for the main characters. They don't really realize how corrupt they are and how they act towards other people. Also, the driver states, "I know very little about driving-next to nothing. It happened and that's all I know" (Fitzgerald 59). To which the reply was, "Well if you're a poor driver you oughtn't to try driving at night" (Fitzgerald 59). This helps the reader learn that the characters are not very good in their dealing with social problems and that trying to deal with these problems will result in tragedy. The second broken wheel comes about when we learn of Tom's accident with the woman he was cheating on Daisy with just a few months after his marriage to Daisy. The woman gets a broken arm, which symbolizes the fact that someone Tom loves will get hurt by one of these death
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