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1.) Identification of Problem:
Key Issues/Problems:
Carson Manor is a nursing home that houses the elderly and provides them with nursing care. This case of Carson Manor the nursing home is fraught with cost inefficiencies. There are more issues with the system of classifying patients and the levels of nursing care given to each of those patients.
Potential Problems include: * Budget is massively inefficient in keeping and taking care of the elderly within the nursing home. * Nurses will not be able to provide good quality care for their patients. * Patients of a certain status will receive unequal care. * Whether or not to outsource or to improve present system. * Deciding on the criteria to evaluate nursing care
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* Has a higher price than the proposal from Patientcare. * Would require a steering committee to be formed in order to oversee the operation of Clarke-Hamilton.

Alternative 3: Keep Standardcare Service

Advantages: * Anticipated savings are to be in the order of 8 to 10 percent of total expenses, approximately 1.1millon * Has widespread experience in similar situations. * Having already established foot hold in this market heavily increases their odds of achieving Carson Manor’s goals of cost and efficiency. * Owns/manages 2,400 nursing home bed and units in Carson Manor’s state and Florida. * Already has 15 facilities either completed or in progress.

Disadvantages: * Too large to be cater to Carson Manor as efficiently as they would like. * Standard Care would have to juggle meeting the needs of Carson Manor with the many other nursing establishments. * Such a large operator of nursing homes it would be easy to overlook problems within Carson Manor. * May base their proposal too heavily on their past experience, robbing Carson Manor of original identity and ideas that will pertain to them effectively. * Their anticipated savings are more projections than concrete expectancies, therefore may not be dependable.

Alternative 2: Outsource Carson Manor care to Clarke-Hamilton
This recommendation comes after weighing what we thought the most important aspects were to the selection of a nursing

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