Cartel Cartel Analysis

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CARTEL JUNGLE is a proposed new dramatic TV series. The series’ main setting in Mexico involving a cartel marijuana jungle is a very unique location. It provides for an original hook for this series. The idea of the cartel, the drug trade, and the competition in the trade is a nice setup for conflict and gritty tension.
The pilot’s tone is dramatic. The pilot contains violence and some intriguing twists and turns, as well as some potentially complex characters. The pilot/series explores greed and lust, as well as revenge. There are some nice cultural features and superstitions that work nicely to help convey the tone.
In fact, the opening sets the tone and conveys to the viewing audience that this is a violent and deadly world. With that said, however, the pilot needs more development. The overall premise of the series isn’t conveyed
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It’s not understood how they find the shrine room. It feels like suddenly they are there. As mentioned, the idea of everyone running into the jungle doesn’t feel all that believable.
Overall, the premise for the series isn’t clearly conveyed to the audience. The audience (producer) really has no idea what the series is going to be about. This is critical in trying to market the pilot.
The script really needs to revisit the structure. Perhaps begin with Luke learning that he’s inheriting a “jungle” from his biological mother. Maybe he wants nothing to do with it, but someone talks him into going to Mexico to check it out.
If Isabella is part of the cartel, then show how the cartel works and how they smuggle in the drugs or how they sell it. Make her a more serious, relatable character. Eliminate the fondling, the attempted sex scenes, and so many scenes about the body parts of the attorney.
Make the idea of the doctor feel less like it’s “sci fi” and consider eliminating the idea of him being a pedophile – the industry doesn’t like to have films or series that feature
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