Cartels : Oligopolies And The Global Drug Market

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Cartels: Oligopolies in the Global Drug Market

Through my collection of the press coverage I became critical how one-sided the media can be. I do not think they are intentional, but I do not think that many of the writers do not understand the underlining consequences that a set political structure can have on an economy. In the Unites States today President Trump has his own economic agenda that manifested itself through various policies, which he has enacted since day one of his Presidency. Two of these policies are directed towards ending the epidemic of Opioids and targeting organized crime. However, I believe trump is not only interested in saving people from drug overuse, but he is also interested in expanding the United States
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Trump’s second goal was to increase the budget for the Department of Justice also. The blueprint provides an increase of $175 million to "target" criminal organizations and drug traffickers.
Overall, this article appraises Trump and emphasis how his budget is making an effort to prioritize the urgent concerns of his supporters, since most of his voter poll were those that based on geographical locations (southern, white, low-income) have been affected by the opioid epidemic greater. However, I think that this news outlet is being biased and is applauding Trump for allegedly keeping his word as a politician when he really isn’t. For example, when looking more critically into his budget blueprints his intentions are far more economical than what the Washington Examiner covered. First, when he thinks about how to treat the overuse of Opioids he believes that investing into treatments that simply up the dose (of opioid like medications) such as, heavy-painkillers and anti-depressants is proper. In other words, to ease their desire for opioids an addict in the South can go into a local treatment pharmaceuticals facility and receive new empowered-pain killers (opioids on steroids) that will ease them in that moment, but not in the long run. Trump is not alleviating the opioid crisis, like the article presents he is. Instead,

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