Cas About The Pencil Crumbling

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Cas liked to sketch. He liked the feel of the pencil crumbling against his paper, he loved the feel of moving his hand to shape something, and he loved creating something just for himself. So they weren 't the best drawings in the world, but that didn 't matter to Cas. He nodded his head a little in time with the music that was pouring out from his headphones, gazing over the sight he was sketching. There was a water fountain in his town that overlooked one of the busiest streets in his town. Every minute or so the sidewalk separating the road from the fountain would erupt in spontaneous explosions of water. There was a sprinkler system along the path that to Cas was so beautiful to watch. Every time the water started to spray…show more content…
Music was blasting, banners were flying and they were all smiling and cheering. Cas longed to join them, to celebrate his identity and to be free. When he 'd told his father it had not been a happy day in the Novak family. Cas was ignored, his announcement taken as some kind of sick joke. His father had banished him from ever talking about being gay again. After months of explaining, his father had finally acknowledged that Cas was telling the truth. He was never allowed to mention it again, his father had told him, or he 'd no longer be his son. On this particular day, all Cas ' father would talk about was 'those disgusting homos ' and he 'd looked like he was about to be sick when they came down the road. Cas had snapped. He dropped his fathers groceries and started to move towards the happy crowd. His father had not said a word to him, but his face said it all. 5 years later and Cas was still yet to hear his fathers voice. Cas had joined in a row of people who all had rainbows drawn on their face and a few small banners between them. A very beautiful red headed girl around his own age had greeted him with nothing but warmness. The boy next to her had a rainbow wig on a mask on. Cas wondered if he wasn 't allowed to be seen at pride or something. Still he seemed to be having a good time. He looked over at Cas and passed him a small rainbow flag, kissing him on the cheek as he
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