Cas About The Pencil Crumbling

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Cas liked to sketch. He liked the feel of the pencil crumbling against his paper, he loved the feel of moving his hand to shape something, and he loved creating something just for himself. So they weren 't the best drawings in the world, but that didn 't matter to Cas.

He nodded his head a little in time with the music that was pouring out from his headphones, gazing over the sight he was sketching. There was a water fountain in his town that overlooked one of the busiest streets in his town. Every minute or so the sidewalk separating the road from the fountain would erupt in spontaneous explosions of water. There was a sprinkler system along the path that to Cas was so beautiful to watch. Every time the water started to spray upwards into the sky, Cas would pause his drawing and watch as the droplets of water caught the sun and lit up the world momentarily with hundreds of tiny rainbows.

When he was younger he used to come and sit on this fountain and watch the water and all the kids begging their parents to play in it. Occasionally a child would win the fight and they 'd be allowed to get soaked to their bones before a parent would wrap them lovingly in a sweater or spare blanket and take them home.

Cas knew why he liked the fountain so much and in particular the rainbows.

The first pride march he ever did and he passed through this street. The group was relatively small. 100 people made decorated with colour and rainbows as far as they eye could see.


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