Casablanca Film Analysis: Casablanc Character Analysis Of Casablanca

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The year was 1942, and Eastern nations were at war with each other, trying to keep Germany out of their beloved countries. America, however, stood at the side, with a neutrality proclamation clear in mind. Even with official neutrality, America started to lean towards helping the countries defend off Germany, ultimately fighting for basic human rights. Casablanca showcases a lone American, Rick, stuck in Casablanca, a French province at the time. The film was appealing to Americans, especially at the time of the war, because they were able to see a character that embodied the American spirit fight through his spoken neutrality, into eventually giving in to the humanistic cause. It was an instant hit in the box office, as it had very popular actors…show more content…
While the element of romance in the film is evident between Ilsa and Rick, we see the growth of Rick’s character as a much more striking element, as he goes from completely neutral to being against the nazis. Furthermore, Rick’s journey illustrates how historical context of the time, World War II, influences characterization, as he grows into a heroic and noble character, one most Americans dream of being. Due to a failed love attempt in the past, Rick, often seen as a cynic, repeatedly tells himself he is neutral in all aspects in the war because he tries not to have feelings. However, it is known that Rick actually does help those who need it, and his cafe is open to all, thus showing the true spirit of wartime, especially for a so-called neutral American. Rick puts on a hardened exterior, which comes off as rather cynical, towards the people of Casablanca. This works particularly well for him in a place such as Casablanca, with people of all different opinions, not having one is a cause for no problems, and being liked by all. However, he wasn’t always so cynical, and the influx of pessimism came

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