Casablanca about American Culture during Wartime

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In the film Casablanca they show various different aspects of American culture during the wartime forties. These things are cumulated in the films sole American, whose name is Rick. However this film not only shows the culture of Americans but also shows a look into what Americans viewed the war as. The values of people and what was considered obtuse for society are ever changing, and you can see this as plain as day within the movies and films of the time. Casablanca is an amazing example for this because it is special in the fact that it’s the only play written during the time that was never played but was instead turned straight into a movie. Now let’s take a more in-depth look into the movie and how it’s connected to the people who were meant to watch it. The war, or as its more commonly known World War II , is something that was all consuming in the many years that it stretched through. It influenced every aspect of society and this includes the entertainment, if something is devoid of attachment to it, it’s an active decision because of it, this leads to movies such as Casablanca. The background is infested with those suffering from the wars, who continue to try and run from the things going on in Europe. With constant talk of war and murders pertaining to it this movie has it absorbed into nearly all sub plots outside of just one romance one. However for all of its concern towards the war, the film only once shows a death and that death is the Nazi major who was
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