Casablanca was a Great Film Produced During the World War II Era

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Many films were produced in the World War II era showing how Americans lived during that time. Some of the greatest films were produced in this era, for example, Casablanca. Casablanca was released in 1942, and is one of the greatest war movies in American history. It depicts life during the early stages of the war in a neutral Africa. This film attempts to promote the war and succeeds as propaganda. Casablanca portrayed isolation, sacrifice, and the threat of fascism to American society. Casablanca promotes the American involvement in World War II. It shows that America getting involved in the war would not be a bad thing, saying it was the right thing to do. The film takes place before America entered the war, but in real life it was a year after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Casablanca succeeded as a propaganda film. It showed Americans the danger of staying out the war hoping that we would join and help fight with the allies. One approach the filmmakers used was fear appeal. Using fear was meant to scare people, and then show them how to overcome the problem. For example, the major threat was the German war machine and how their goal was to invade all of Europe. American citizens watching this film thought the problem was just in Europe until Major Strasser says that Germans might invade New York City. The thought of America under German rule and concentration camps instilled fear in many Americans. This helped promote that getting involved was good because we
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