Casablanca's Metaphorical Representations of World War II

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Watching different films during the World War II era gives an idea of how those times really were. Different types of films give you a different view on how people lived their lives during the war. Warner Brothers Studios’ 1942 film Casablanca is a metaphorical representation of World War II. The characters in the film represent the attitudes of different people throughout the time period. One character who is extremely representational is Rick Blaine, who portrays America’s involvement in the World War. The film Casablanca attempts to promote the war in the sense of making Americans realize their responsibilities to honor America through patriotism and to uphold their reputation of the freedom country. A scene that perfectly shows patriotism is when the Germans start to sing their national anthem and then Rick has the band start up and the French start to sing their national anthem, overpowering the German group and stating their love and dedication for their country. This scene portrays Casablanca to begin as a pro-war movie. It shows the power and fight back of the French. In the film, America’s involvement of the war is represented by the character Rick Blaine. Rick is described as being completely neutral and he “Sticks his head out for nobody”. He also comes off as being ignorant, selfish, cocky, and stubborn, all characteristics dealing with America’s attitude at the beginning of the war. He makes a point of not being involved with politics. When a man is being
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