Casablanca's Portrayal of the Experience During World War II

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The movie “Casablanca” helps portray what America and other countries went through during this time, America wanted to stay neutral throughout this war, but they couldn’t just sit back and watch mostly all other countries fight. They wanted to do the right thing, so they built allies with other countries and unions who believed in what also America believed in.

Around the time of the war, Casablanca was a sort of getaway for war prisoners, they show this in the movie. For example, Victor, a jewish man, who came to Casablanca to escape the nazis with his wife Isla. This movie did not really show the war, like people being killed, especially the Americans. They didn’t want to show Americans getting killed because they were afraid it would make America look weak to other countries. Also that their fellow American citizens would be scared in thinking that America would lose, or that they weren’t strong enough compared to the axis countries. They didn’t even have a fighting scene in the movie, only what looked like army men from different countries trying to arrive to a certain destination.

I believe that the movie “Casablanca” was made to promote the war. I believe this because, America wanted to stay neutral but American citizens wanted America to fight for what was right. In making this and other war effort films, it helped promote that America wanted to fight. America and their allies: Britain,…

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