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Assignment #2 Chapters 1-4 Journal A Cristina Castro Would yo describe yourself as multiracial, or do you see yourself as belonging to a single race? Why? ( page 9) I would describe myself as being multiracial, even though when asked in forms I usually only circle Hispanic or Latino. My mom is Venezuelan, and as far down as we can track all her ancestors were also Venezuelans, on my dad’s side he was European, and all his relatives as far as being tracked down were also of European decent. I believe my family is made up of a diversity of races. Although we are not able to find out where it came from, on my mom’s side of the family there must have been someone from Asian decent, as I have almost Asian…show more content…
It has been an incredible experience for me this new blended learning technique and has actually made me more diverse conscious of new methods of learning styles. If someone were to write your life history, what would we learn about the relationship between expectations and academic success? (page 52) Oh boy, this would be a long paper if it is based on my relationship between expectations and academic success. I first started wanting to study psychology, then decided for modern languages, after that I went for film making and then ended up studying business which is what I am doing now. One thing is always obvious in all the fields that I have tried, which is always to be the best and put a lot of effort into it, but not in all of the fields my expectations actually met my academic success, as most of those fields of study I ended up abandoning them and with that my dreams and then I had to start all over again and
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