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Question #1: How would Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership style be described based on the four behavioral leadership styles? Sheryl is a very determined and busy woman. Being that she is the COO of Facebook she works hard daily to make the company function properly. She has a lot of responsibilities she has to take care of and over sees many people. According to the University of Iowa Sheryl Sandberg falls under the Democratic leadership, she practices a very participative leadership style. Sandberg spends most of her time emailing and in meetings, she feels strongly on influencing and motivating others who are apart of the Facebook team. She is very involved in the company so Mark Zuckerberg; CEO of Facebook can do what he enjoys. She
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Sandberg would have to have these factors in her books to make woman realize exactly what they could be getting into or what to look for in a job setting. The maintenance factors include social needs, pay, benefits, and job security. All of these factors matter when you take a step into a company. No one wants to take that leap without reassurance that they will get back what they put in. The motivator factors are work itself, recognition, and increased responsibility. If you do not have any of the motivator factors you will feel like you’re doing a good job, or even have a chance to move up in a company. Women need recognition and to get increased responsibility, this means your managers trust you, and that can lead to a promotion.
I think the whole book is revolved around the Acquired needs theory too. This is because this theory is the need for achievement, power, and affiliation. Many business-affiliated women strive for such qualifications. Sandberg’s book is how to achieve such goals, also how it is okay for women to be at the top of a company. As many things change in the world; the way people see women leaders have changed too. This book is about how it’s okay for women to run company’s not just households.
Question #3: How does Sandberg’s book Lean in emphasize the three process motivation theories? Equity Theory is just as its sounds, being treated fairly.
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