Case 1: How Fedex Works: Enterprise System

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Case 1: How FedEx Works: Enterprise System 1. Question 1: List the business processes displayed in the video. FedEx is a logistical service company specialized in transportation, e-commerce and business services. The success of FedEx lies on an efficient information system. The business process is as follows: A FedEx employee picks up the customer’s box and scans it so FedEx recognizes it. Now the product is registered and traceable. The product is then taken to a sorting center where it is classified according to its destination. The package is put on a belt where it is measured and a price tag is determined. In the next step, the packages are put into containers. These containers are loaded in aircrafts directed by a control…show more content…
This system is divided in a knowledge base and inference rules. In the video, this system is used when it comes the control center. The employees are checking flights and regulating flows thanks to precious information given in their computer like the weather, the flow rate and a packaging monitoring. Then let’s observe the IS which are not used in this video while they could be helpful: ⎝ On the one hand there is the Knowledge Management Information System. They are systems that support the creation, capture, storage and dissemination of firm expertise and knowledge. It is very important as far as demographic issues are of paramount importance, firms need to be prepared: we can say that knowledge is a firm asset. The difficult part is to transfer the explicit part of knowledge which cannot be learnt contrary to the implicit part. More knowledge could be shared in FedEx company, for instance every employee could share and be aware of the prices or the routes of each box. ⎝ On the other hand the Transaction Processing system (TPS) is not shown in the video. They are computerized systems used to perform and record the daily routine transactions necessary to make properly the business (like a sales order, an employee record keeping, or a payroll). It is an operational help to

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