Case 1: How Fedex Works: Enterprise System

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Case 1: How FedEx Works: Enterprise System

1. Question 1: List the business processes displayed in the video.

FedEx is a logistical service company specialized in transportation, e-commerce and business services. The success of FedEx lies on an efficient information system. The business process is as follows: A FedEx employee picks up the customer’s box and scans it so FedEx recognizes it. Now the product is registered and traceable. The product is then taken to a sorting center where it is classified according to its destination. The package is put on a belt where it is measured and a price tag is determined. In the next step, the packages are put into containers. These containers are loaded in aircrafts directed by a control
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In an ERP, there are different systems like, Supply Chain Management systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Knowledge Management Information Systems.
The aim of ERP is to increase operational efficiency, provide firm wide information to support decision making, enable rapid responses to customer requests for information or products and include analytical tools to evaluate overall organizational performance.
After watching the video, it is obvious that there is an integration of the different divisions’ data.
First, with the label and the barcode, information is integrated like the weight, height, or the destination of the package. All this information is available to all employees who have an access to a scan that can read the barcode. All the data collected are automatically sorted in order to send each package to the right destination as fast as possible and at the minimum cost. We can say that there is an enterprise system. Thus the aim of efficiency is present.
We also notice that they aim at being able to answer to customer requests by integrating information, indeed any employee can tell for example how much the delivery of the package will cost to the customer thanks to diverse criteria.
FedEx succeeds in increasing performance thanks to analytical tools relying on many data: according to the weight and height, they evaluate the best way to put packages into the plane in order not to

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