Case 1 Incident

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Kelli Smith Organizational Management Professor Ann Bieber 17 May 2014 Week 3 Case Study 1. Should organizations be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived? What factors influencing sleep might be more or less under the control of an organization? Organizations should absolutely be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived: “Research examining the effects of sleep deprivation has found that tired workers experience higher levels of back pain, depression, and job dissatisfaction, along with lower levels of performance” (Judge 213). Being a full time student who also works full time, I have found myself trading sleep for extra studying time and the results of it are detrimental. When I sacrifice my sleep to…show more content…
If employees have children at home that are sick and keep them up at night, or enjoy night life and choose to stay out late, a company cannot control what they do when they are not at the office. They can’t make children stop crying and they can’t force people to go home and go to bed at a decent time. They can only control what is within their limitations as employers. One of my favorite things about my work schedule is the flexibility of it. Although it is a set schedule, I alternate weekly with an early week and a late week. My early week shifts are from 7:30AM-4:30PM and my late week shifts are from 9:30AM-6:30PM. This gives me an opportunity to appreciate both. I enjoy my early weeks because I get done early and I have much more time to get things done around the house, do homework, and just have some “me” time in the evenings. I also enjoy my late weeks because I get to sleep in a little bit later and I appreciate that because I am not a morning person. Having flexibility allows me to schedule appointments in either the mornings or the afternoon according to what shift I am on and what appointment times are available to me. It also contributes to my sleep schedule because when I’m early, I go to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier and when I’m late, I go to sleep later to wake up later. It balances out quite nicely. 2. How might reinforcement theory play a role in the extent to which employees are sleep-deprived? One way the
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