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Weather Or Not ARO Should Be Recognized In All Three Situations. Asset Retirement Obligations This memo is intend to present appropriate treatment of the ARO estimation problem experienced by the Lack of Information (LOI) based on the findings from interviews with all 50 of the warehouse managers and on-site visits at each of the 50 locations of its warehouses countrywide. The onsite observations search for any evidence of damages in both the on-site property like the roof, walls, floors and general conditions. The interview with the managers obtains information about the characteristics of the warehouses that are not readily observable. The information obtained is very important in the preparation of the fiscal…show more content…
From previous transactions with the same third party, LOI is never allowed to remove the assets from the warehouse. Moreover, there is no sufficient information provided in ASC 410-20-25-10 to determine the fair value of the ARO due to the uncertainty of LOI to require removing the asbestos. This also applies to two of the warehouses residing in areas with no laws in place requiring special handling and disposal of the asbestos on building demolition or renovation. Lastly, the remaining 13 warehouses with asbestos residing in states with special asbestos handling and disposal laws, LOI has owned and operated for more than 50 years only incurring just minor renovations and repairs and has no plans in future to make significant renovations or demolish except for minor repairs and maintenance. The problem with ARO is the presence of an indeterminate settlement data as in ASC 410-20-25-10. ASC 410-20-25-10 According to ASC 410-20-25-10, instances may occur in which insufficient information to estimate the fair value of an asset retirement obligation is available. For example, if an asset has an indeterminate useful life, sufficient information to estimate a range of potential settlement dates for the obligation might not be available. In such cases, the liability would be initially recognized in the period in which sufficient information exists to estimate a range of

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