Case 11.91 Wood Fired Oven In Canton, Ohio: Restaurant Review

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91 Wood Fired Oven in Canton, Ohio: Restaurant Review
An "Upscale Casual" Restaurant You Don't Want to Miss
One of the best restaurants in Canton is tucked away in Washington Square on Easton Street, across from Walsh College. 91 Wood Fired Oven opened its doors in the plaza that also houses Giant Eagle in 2002. The owners, Greg and Amy Goehring wanted to create a “dining experience based on simplicity and consistency, and a commitment to excellence on every level.” After experiencing success at the Washington Square location, they opened a second restaurant on Fulton Road in Jackson Township in 2004. The building that houses the new location used to be a run-down police station, but Amy and Greg renovated it and gave it new life when they
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You’ll always be greeted with a smile and the service is excellent. You rarely need to request anything; the servers seem to sense your needs and attend to them before you have a chance to ask for anything. I’ve eaten there with large groups and found that even with so many people to wait on, the servers have no trouble keeping your glass full or your empty plates cleared from the table.
The first time I ate there, I had no trouble deciding what to order; I had to try one of their famous wood fired pizzas. They are hand tossed and baked at 565 degrees in their wood fired ovens. You can get a traditional pizza – a “NY slice” for a mere $8.00. Or you can be adventurous and try something like “Amy’s Favorite” – a tasty combination of honey-glazed bacon, grilled chicken, roma tomatoes and goat cheese. The pizzas are large enough to split with someone or to have part of it boxed so that you have room for dessert – and trust me, you want to leave room!
My favorite dessert is the Wood Fired Oven S’mores – a crave-able combination of buttery graham cracker crust, dark chocolate ganache, peanut butter caramel and toasted marshmallows. There are other items that are just as delicious: a peanut butter pie served on a chocolate no-bake cookie crust, crème brulee, and crème brulee cheesecake just to name a
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Yes, it may cost you more at first. But do you realize that it generally uses less than 40% energy than the ones that aren’t Energy Star. Now realize that must refrigerators will last ten to 14 years. That is a lot of electric saved, over time.
How do you know if the refrigerator you choose is an Energy star model. Look for the little star seal or better yet ask the salesclerk.
Decide on the style of refrigerator you want
There are four basic styles
Side by side
Two doors with either a top or bottom mounted freezer
A French door with two top doors and a bottom freezer drawer
A new model that has two doors on top and has two bottom freezer drawers
Decide on how much storage you need
How much food do you usually keep in your refrigerator and freezer? Do you need certain size drawers or certain additions (such as a wider place in the door for milk storage)?
Decide on color
Of course, when you consider color you need to think about the over all color of your kitchen and other appliances and which color will show the least amount of
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