Case 11: the Launch of the Playstation 31

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Case 11: The Launch of the PlayStation 31

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January 9, 2015
I. Problem Defined
What should Sony do to maximize the value of the PS3 to meet the consumer’s satisfaction?
II. Analysis and Recording of Current Situation i. Environment
In the history of Sony, they tend to have many failures in creating a technology or gadgets. They fail to make the consumers accept the thought of their gadget. One example is the Betamax. But on the other hand Sony continuously innovate their products and they also in tend to create new ones. Sony is also the one
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Sony's PlayStation 3 also was more expensive compared to the other consoles. B. Threat from New Entrants: Sony has already established its name worldwide. Even thou there are threats from competition,it is highly unlikely that a new competitor will arise and dominate Sony,which has been in business for a very long time. C. Threat from substitute product: Sony has many products and started to branch out. Sony has mostly started to manufacture appliances and electronics. Even thou many new different products may arise, Sony can manage and maintain their quality. D. Bargaining power of the suppliers: The case has not made mention of any type of suppliers that Sony has been dealing with,although Sony started out as a supplier. We assume there is no problem with the bargaining power of the suppliers. E. Bargaining power of the buyers: The customers of the console entertainment industry has a very huge impact. This is because they are the ones who will buy and use the product/s. This can easily result/have an impact on the company's sales. iii. Organization Way back then, Sony entered the market originally as a supplier of components for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home console. However, when Nintendo failed to introduce new technologies that would improve the gaming experience, Sony grabbed the chance to seize the opportunity. Sony

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