Essay on Case 12-1 Unlikely Alliance Memo

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TO: Dr. Wilks
FROM: Russell Gardner (Section 1 / Group 4)
DATE: October 10, 2012
SUBJECT: Trueblood Case 2 Individual, Unlikely Alliance


Florabama is an energy venture classified as a variable interest entity (VIE) of its two investors – Meyer Inc. and Saban Company. Meyer and Saban own 60 percent and 40 percent of Florabama respectively and the profit and losses are split according to ownership percentage. According to the terms of the venture arrangement, Saban is permitted, but not required, to purchase up to 20 percent of the power produced by Florabama at cost plus. The cost-plus arrangement between Saban and Florabama represents a variable interest in that Saban absorbs variability in Florabama through the
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In the following two alternatives, Meyer and Saban will be analyzed for evidence of meeting the two characteristics to be appointed the primary beneficiary and consolidator of Florabama.

US GAAP Alternative A: Meyer Inc. meets both of the characteristics of the primary beneficiary requirements as stated in ASC 810-10-25-38A and thus Florabama’s financials are consolidated up to Meyer Inc’s financial statements. In determining the power to direct the activities of a VIE that most significantly impacts the entity’s economic performance, the purpose and design of a legal entity must be evaluated (ASC 810-10-25-25). Through analysis of the business risks incurred in ASC 810-10-25-24, the most significant risk is the operations risk, commodity price risk, and also environmental risk. These risks are directly related to the strategic decisions regarding the operations of Florabama, such as operating and capital budgets, pricing of the power produced. These are the most significant activities regarding the economic performance of Florabama. According to the case information, these decisions are presented to the board and implemented by a simple majority vote among the ten members of the board of

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