Case 2.9 Powder River Petroleum International, Inc

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1. Primary audit risk factors that were evident within Powder River’s operations are:
• Fraudulent Financial Reporting Risk for Revenue
• Other Areas of Fraud Risk. From year-end 2004 through the first-quarter 2008, defendant Brian Fox misled the investing public by fraudulently inflating the revenue and assets and fraudulently omitting major liabilities, of Powder River Petroleum International, Inc. (“Powder River” or the “company”) in the company’s Commission filings, and by making other false and misleading public disclosures. From year-end 2004, Powder River conveyed working interests in oil and gas leases to investors in Asia for over $43 million. Because Powder River promised full repayment of the working interest
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And relevant to (b) guaranteed payments were, in substance, loan principal repayments, Fox told the company’s outside consultants and external auditor that they were “prepaid production payments.” The consultants and auditor relied on Fox’s false characterization in recognizing the payments as an offset against the company’s oil-and-gas production revenues. As a result, Powder River recorded the working interest conveyance proceeds as revenue in the company’s annual and quarterly filings from year-end 2004 March 2008, and improperly recorded the minimum guaranteed payments as an asset – prepaid production payments – in the company’s quarterly filings for the first, second and third quarters.
4. In my opinion CBN failed to perform sufficient audit procedures in connection with the issuance of these audit reports in violation of PCAOB rules and auditing standards, and failed to appropriately supervise the work of audit assistants. They failure to ensure that sufficient audit procedures were performed on the audits resulted from a poor system of quality control, including inappropriate reliance on inexperienced audit assistants, excessive partner workload and deficient audit documentation practices.

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