Case 2 - Ben & Jerry's (a)

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Section 1: Introduction Process Consultation (PC) is the creation of a relationship that allows the client to perceive, understand, and act on the process events that occur within an organization in order to improve the situation as defined by the client (Cummings & Worley, pg. 253). In the case involving Ben and Jerry’s a consultant was brought in to work with the founders, board of directors, managers, and employees in order to undertake organizational development and also to bring the people, functions, aspirations, and directions together (Cummings & Worley, pg. 306).
Schein proposes ten principles to guide process consultant’s actions:
• Always try to be helpful
• Always stay in touch with the current reality
• Access your
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Ben & Jerry’s as a company had hired this consultant to come in and implement an organizational development program; however there was little guidance as to what was to be accomplished. Ironically, the lack of a unified outcome was a participating factor in many of the issues that were rampant throughout the company. While the author of the case was brought in to unify the people, functions, aspirations, and directions of the company, it was evident that there was a significant disconnect between management and Ben, Jerry, and Jeff Furman, their longtime attorney and general counsel. Ben and Jerry had originally developed a unique company mission and principles and had placed more of their focus on maintaining a fun and open structure of operating that married simple business principles with an innovative company culture. Conversely, the managers shared a more common focus, one that was centered on dealing with the day-to-day issues of running a business that included unclear lines of authority and responsibility, lack of operational control and feuding amongst themselves. In some cases, there was a lack of support or belief in the socially oriented policies and notion that work is supposed to be “fun,” policies and a notion that Ben and Jerry had originally developed the company based upon. Further exacerbating the issue is the differences in personality between Ben, Jerry, and Jeff and
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